How a woman changes a man: relations in the Taoist tradition

Each woman contains a special power that affects the man, makes him stronger. The Taoist tradition gave us a very beautiful idea: femininity is the wind, it cannot be seen, formalized, but you can easily evaluate the impact on the world. What do we girls are capable of in a relationship?

Many people who studied the phenomenon of femininity tried to choose the canons for him: more often put on skirts, grow long hair, get out, prepare, give birth to children. Having fulfilled all the conditions, you will comprehend the secret power of femininity, and it will change everything around: your house, husband, all my life. I hasten to please: this “secret power” is not enclosed in skirts, it is inherent in girls simply in the fact of birth. Moreover, neither clothes nor hair length, it is impossible to objectively strengthen this phenomenon. Femininity is that which is not amenable to description and measurements. Even this attempt to tell what femininity is, a priori is well -fed.

Taoists compare female power with the wind that cannot be seen or caught, but you can evaluate the results of the action.

The power of transformation

Femininity is an invisible, but powerful force that can transform everything around. They heard this joke: a man who marries, dreams that his wife never changes. The woman gets married in the hope that her chosen one will change. This is an exaggerated formula, but it has a proportion of truth.

We women, with one presence, energy field and vitality, influence a man and in many respects transform it. If the task is set

correctly (the wind blows in the right direction), then the man in such conditions every day becomes stronger and more successful.

Nothing never changes!

I’ll make a reservation right away: girls, as in other things and men, tend to step on the same rake. For example, to establish characteristic relationships that develop according to the same scenario and end in collapse. In this case, the allegory with the wind sounds like this: if a man is like a billboard on the border, then the wind of femininity is powerless. Such a strong design will not shake any hurricane.

I don’t like the wording: “I guilty”. But if for a third or farthest time relations develop according to the same negative scheme, there is an occasion to think. Perhaps we girls do something wrong, and it is worth adjusting the next choice, for example, with the participation of a psychologist.

If you have found the “same” person with whom there is a lively contact, then everything is possible!

The path to changes

How a woman acts with something subtle and intangible on a man? The laws are very simple: admiring the most powerful, beautiful features of his character, we feed them with energy, support and help to develop.

An erroneous path

Very often we see in men not so much advantage as disadvantages. Considering that he is lazy, we focus on this, find evidence of our rightness and, as a result, we feed this quality. The flow of energy with the greatest joy flows where attention is directed. The ability to support a man is largely the ability to ignore the shortcomings, not look in their direction. Yes, it is sometimes difficult, but the choice is always for us.

An admiring look

It is worth recognizing that there are many beautiful people in people! Focusing on noble, beautiful features of a male character, we feed them. How to do this when I used to notice exclusively shortcomings? At first, in the learning process, the only way to stably maintain an admiring look is a delight (possibly exaggerated) about the good thing that happens.

Consider the beautiful essence of each act: he held the door, kissed goodbye, asked how to do it. It seems that these are trifles? But we can attach global meaning to negative trifles: I never called in a day, which means that I do not like! Why not try the opposite: I wrote SMS – it means that he misses, expects a meeting, then he is a loving, wonderful person! It also sounds inadequate, but directs the wind of female power in the right direction, allowing it to inflate the sails and create a movement.

Mutual exchange

Когда заходит разговор о «питании» кого-то энергией, у многих женщин сразу же возникает вопрос: что я получу взамен?

A full -fledged relationship is not a mutually beneficial transaction, but a symbiosis in which an energy exchange occurs. As the man becomes stronger, the woman blooms! After all, he also nourishes her with his own strength, and something third is born out of the happiness of two – family.

It is in this mutual development, which occurs through the search for beauty, pleasure and happiness, as it seems to me, is the purpose of uniting people into couples.

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