How to understand that your parents were sadists

In a joke that, no matter how you raise a child, he will have something to tell a psychotherapist about, there is a share of truth. We are all people, which means we

make mistakes. Parents made them, and most of us have something to blame for them and what to forgive. But some were less fortunate – their parents were real sadists.

When Maria began to tell what kind of bullying she was subjected to childhood, it immediately became clear that her mother’s stiffness went beyond the usual. Cruel treatment usually fits into the framework of a typical script: an increase in tension, scandal, reconciliation, a period of lull, then everything is repeated again – but her mother behaved differently. The tension was present constantly, without interruptions. Cruelty was manifested suddenly, for no reason and warnings. Instead of reconciliation, she did not talk to her for several months. There was no peace and tranquility in the family, Maria could only take a break from tension in lessons or visiting friends.

When she returned from school, her mother pounced on her with far -fetched accusations and punished her. If I tried to protest, the punishment only intensified. The worst thing was that the mother seemed to enjoy flashes of rage. She insulted her, beat everything that came to hand, did not let her out of the house, took things away, did not allow her to communicate with relatives, threatened that if the girl tells someone, she would only be worse, sometimes she ignored months. Each time, causing her daughter pain, she came in an excellent mood until the next attack of rage.

By all the standards, Maria could be called an exemplary girl. She studied perfectly, went in for sports, after school worked. I did everything possible to be even even even even at home, which only intensify the anger of my mother. It happened that one of the adults saw traces of beatings on the body and called the social service to them, but the mother forced Mary to lie, threatening to punish her younger sister. Relatives tried to intervene, but she tore off the contacts with them and forbade the children to communicate with them.

Ordinary sadism

In childhood, the house of Maria was a prison for her, where they mocked her, tormented, beaten. But what kind of parent is able to treat the child like this? Perhaps her mother was a sadist?

This word comes from the name of the French writer and philosopher de Sad. In his works, philosophical reasoning is interspersed with descriptions of sexual fantasies and scenes of violence. Sadists crave cruelty. It is still not known for sure how this inclination arises, whether it is inherited or develops throughout life. Sadism is not always associated with sex and murders: such people enjoy, causing others any torment. Their cruelty is caused not by cold calculation, like psychopaths, but a desire to enjoy.

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